Friday, February 28, 2020

How to go from where you are now into the person you'd like to become

Hello dearie,
According to Justin C. Scott, Daydreams are fun.
Read this insightful piece he made and apply it to your situation.
I personally love fantasizing about where I plan on taking my life. When I think about the higher place of freedom, fulfillment, and possibility that are waiting for me, I can't help but get excited.
You should envision a better life for yourself. In fact, you should think about your ideal life, your ideal job, your ideal relationship regularly, because clarity around your ideal life is exactly how you can make it come alive.
However, what you should not do, , is use that vision as a means of escape from your current life. 
When you day dream without a plan, you are only escaping your current reality and in doing so, you are dissociating with where you currently are, ignoring what is and cutting  yourself off from the possibility of creating what can be.

This is where I think a lot of us get stuck when it comes to visualization and practical manifestation. We're so eager to project into a better future, that we forget something incredibly fundamental about the proccess: Doing what will take us there.
The future is an illusion. The only thing we can experience and influence is the present.
Now what are you doing to take you to the future of your desires?

What do you want your  day to day life to look like? How does it looks like presently? What are you doing about it?  
What would you like to experience? What are you experiencing presently?  Now what are you doing so that you can experience what you would like to experience?

The distance between where you are presently and where you would like to be lies in the things you are currently doing.
Are you working on yourself to become a better person? Are you reading the right books? Are you following the right mentors who have achieved what you currently want? Are you doing what they're saying or getting this knowledge and just saying wow, ok?
The only way to really experience our ideal present is to face the aspects of our current situation that is not in alignment with the ideal present we wish to create and do the next logical thing that will bring us closer to our ideal present and ideal future.

Always ask yourself: What is it I don't like about my present situation? Now what is the next best step to take in order to reach my ideal current situation. Ok you've done that? What's the next best step? And the next one?

It sounds almost comical but one best next step after the next and before you know it, those unpleasant aspects of your life have been replaced with an ideal one that will usher you into the life of your dreams.
If you truly want to create what can be, you must first know what is - only then can you truly change what can be done about it.
What about your current experience of reality doesn't click? What do you need to face in order to grow closer to your ideal? What needs to be replaced, overcome, or implemented in order to shift into the desired life?

These are questions you should be asking yourself. Facing what we don't like about ourselves or our lives is difficult, but it's necessary if you truly wish to pull your internal ideal into your external experience of life.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


So I was having this conversation in the office today with my colleagues of how I will definitely love to be pampered when I am pregnant and all cause I know I can’t deal with loads of work while in my period and I have always heard that it’s the same way you feel during pregnancy too. A male colleague answered that if his wife can’t handle house chores then she should move to her mother’s house as he cannot be pampering anybody. “Shuo, oga how far”? This is your child she is carrying ooo....

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Video: Regina Daniels dancing with her Billionaire Boo

Nigerian Actress Regina Daniels was seen dancing with her Billionaire husband Senator Ned Nwoko while singer Harrysongs performed his hit single Reggae Blues.

Video: Why some people hardly move on from their ex and enjoy their new relationship

A Nigerian Pastor by name Kingsley Okonkwo has revealed in an interesting video why some people find it hard to move on from their ex and enjoy a new relationship.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's ex-wife Anita writes about 'realities of a dead marriage'

Anita Ebhodaghe, ex wife of Believers Love World aka Christ Embassy President Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has written about the conversation of a couple who are facing the reality of a dead marriage.
See what she said below...

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

5 things women dislike in men

Every man at least once in his lifetime has tried to know the things women dislike in men. If you want to know what kind of behavior turns women off and how to avoid a breakup with them, you're quite lucky as today we will reveal:

5 things women dislike in men

Avoid these things and you will have her fall in love with you like no other. Thank us later for these solid relationship tips. There you go!

  1. Empty promises

If a man makes empty promises and raises false hopes, it can push a woman away .Promising things you can't do does not only reduce trust,  it destroys respect for you. Long-lasting feelings depend on trust and respect.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Welcome to Dear Amore

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